Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Previewing Lancastic

I've signed on for a new mental adventure: writing previews for the 11 Burt Lancaster movies coming to the local 50-seater microcinema  in November (noting the 100th anniversary of Lancaster's birth in 1913.)

The first film is Criss Cross (1948): below, Burt with director Robert Siodmak and costar Yvonne DeCarlo.

I suggested this preview project to the arts editor of the TC Daily Planet ("an experiment in participatory journalism, built on a partnership between professional journalists and individual citizens"), and he said, do it!

I've actually never paid much attention to Lancaster, and I'm eager to get started... but first I have to finish the sanitation book (due Oct. 3).


momo said...

What a great project!
I worked in an upscale grocery store in San Francisco, while I was in college and grad school, in the early '80s. I vividly remember the time I spotted Burt Lancaster walking through the store. He was wearing a camel overcoat that I imagine was cashmere, and he seemed to have a spotlight trained on him, he was so perfectly proportioned and vivid.

Fresca said...

OMG, Momo! I want to use that memory of yours in one of my reviews!

It's a little weird to think of Lancaster ever actually existing in the same world as me... But you have proof! :)

I am really looking forward to diving into the subject.

Zhoen said...

Looked him up on imdb. Now I want to see Local Hero again.

Fresca said...

"Local Hero" isn't one of the movies to be shown, alas---I remember loving it. I want to see it again now too!

bink said...

So I had to google "was Burt gay?" I came across this funny bit from the National Enquirer:

According to a close Lancaster pal, Burt would have no problem going to (Rock) Hudson's (all male) parties and showing off his toned physique to gay admirers and get a kick out of not letting them have him.

And to get the goat of the FBI and whoever else was watching. Burt was powerful enough and secure enough not to care.

When asked point blank if he had participated in Rock's gay orgies, Lancaster denied it.

He told a pal: "I go to the opera too, but I don't sing."

Love the last line... gay or a cock-tease? You decide!