Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My New Spork

From this morning's journal
"GOAL: to carry my new spork in my bag so I don't have to use disposable silverware (as I have long carried my travel mug)."

I worry about plastic forks, but I own three computers. 
Two old (2004 & 2009) Mac laptops, and a 2012 Mac desktop for editing video (which I haven't done) (yet).

Last week I bought a PC laptop because ever since I spilled coffee on my '09 Mac laptop, it's been wonky: once it wouldn't restart until I took it into Apple and they wiped everything.

Since I'm writing for work again, that won't do, but I decided to save $1,000 and buy a PC--my first ever.
How different could it be?

It was like going from a BMW to a Ford Fiesta.

When I returned the PC last night, sheepishly (I'm the sort of person who feels apologetic when she returns things), I told the nice guy at Best Buy that I had always used Macs before, and he said, "Wow! This is a huge step backward!"

 Ah. OK, then. It's no secret.

So, I've preferred to write in coffee shops, but I am just going to work on this desktop at home. My '09 laptop works fine for the Internet.

GOAL #2: Figure out where to recycle my oldest ('04) laptop.

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momo said...
Tech Dump is where I'd start for recycling computers.