Monday, August 12, 2013

Garden Diptychs

I spent half of yesterday weeding 8-months of photos I've taken for the 2014 neighborhood association calendar––the organizer needs to start working on the layout.
The theme is community gardens, and I am one of 6 photographers who agreed to document a garden through the year. (Mine is the SOO Line, along the Greenway.)

I got intrigued by the similarity between human-made supports and the plants' own supports:

And, of course, by the different ways the garden shots document the seasons here in MN.

I'm also interested to see how my photography is coming along: I'm not a photographer, I'm a snap-shotter, but I see my style is developing:
I like big, bold close-ups that show the design of things.

I suppose I approach history in the same way---looking closely to find repeating patterns.
And so, back to the history of sanitation. These days, everything reminds me of sewers! It's all about the flow....


poodletail said...

Your snaps have always hit me right where it counts so I'm crazy to see these of the SOO Line/Greenway trail that I miss.

Your photos are an inspiration and so are your watercolors: I've met someone here who wants to learn some watercolor basics with me and has found a local artist who's willing to to give some pointers!

bink said...

Obviously, you ARE a photographer! You have a better eye than a lot of pros. If they use lots of your pictures, it will be a great calendar.

Bookworm said...

I agree. You are a great photographer. I really love the picture with the curly wire and the plant tendril. Your photography has the quality that the best art has - it makes you look at the world in a new way, with a fresh vision. More photos please!

Fresca said...

Thanks for your kind words, all, about my photos!

I don't call myself a photographer because I don't know what I'm doing, unlike someone who understands how the machine (the camera) interacts with light,
which is central to the art.
I wouldn't know how to set up a portrait shoot, for instance.

But, in fact, I do really like a lot of my photos! The world is so amazing, with a digital camera, you're almost bound to get something good, if you snap long enough (and if you've got a decent eye)!