Monday, May 13, 2013

The Minnesota Senate Makes Me Cry

Minnesota's Senate voted (37-30) this afternoon to legalize marriage equality, so same-sex couples can marry.
Of course I'd been hoping it would pass, but I'd felt pretty jaded too. Maybe just blasé because it's been such a long haul, and I'm so used to the status quo. (Sort of like being on pilgrimage---I was shocked and moved to tears when the Atlantic Ocean finally appeared--it felt like all of a sudden, after 6 weeks of walking across Spain.)

And other things worried me more:
"I'd trade gay marriage for gun control," I said.

But when I heard it'd passed, I started to cry.
Happy, grateful, awed, yes, but also sad. Thinking of people I wish were here to see this...
I hardly ever cry.
Being a card-carrying Social Networker, I took my photo and posted it on FB. And here.

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The Crow said...

I am deeply happy for you, Francesca, and sorry you've had to wait so long for what should have been yours from the moment you were born, just as it was for me.

I am also sad for those who aren't here to see it come to pass, to have hope that this will soon be universal, to have hope to continue to live. And for those who died at the hands of others for just being human.