Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Your look gives a meaning to..."

 I took this photo at the bus stop today. Reminded me of this quote from Orhan Pamuk (Turkish writer, recipient of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature):
"City life, urban life, living in big cities, in fact, is living in a galaxy of unimportant, random, stupid, absurd images. 
But your look gives a strange, mysterious meaning to these little details of streets, asphalt or cobblestone roads, advertisements, letters, all the little details of bus stops or chimneys, windows.
All these things constitute a texture of a city, and each city in that fashion is very different."  
From here: "Sense of the City: Istanbul"


bink said...

You've posted so much since I last looked! I used to check everyday, then you stopped writing and I lost the habit! Now I'm behind and out of the loop... and I need to get back in the habit. whine...

Fresca said...

Thanks for commenting, bink!
I wrote so little for so long (and posted so many less substantial updates on FB instead), I can see why you fell away.
I'm in the mood to write more here lately---I hope that continues...
Check back, eh?