Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aging Person Running: First Weeks

Plumpitude has come upon the land of Fresca.
Sometimes I think how lovely it would be to let my body rise further, like a yeast donut, into a wonderfully soft pillowy cushion size.

I think of myself as naturally indolent, but in truth, a friend once called me "rammy" and that's probably more like it.
When I was... one? years old, my mother told me, I moved my crib by means of standing up, holding onto the crib bars, and jumping the whole bed across the room.

So, here I am--one week before my 52nd birthday-- try, try, trying again something I loved when I was a girl:

I read this cheering NY Times article that said I've been doing it right, waiting until now to start getting in shape (again):
Exercising during midlife, especially if you haven’t been, can pay enormous later-life benefits.... “Our study suggests that someone in midlife who moves from the least fit to the second-to-the-least-fit category of fitness gets more benefit,” in terms of staving off chronic diseases, than someone who moves to the highest fitness grouping from the second-highest.


Krista said...

Brilliant! I cheer you on! (and God, what a comforting quote.)

Fresca said...

Thanks, Krista!
I know--that quote cracked me up!