Friday, October 8, 2010

DVD to ART: bandsaw

Here's my 34-second micromovie of bink making the first cuts on the bishops' anti-gay-marriage DVDs, to turn them into art.

Song: Alison Krauss, "I Will," by the Beatles

Of all the elements of this projects--religion, sexuality, politics, art--art most interests me. And, I believe, bink too.
When bink was three, she traced a Ferris wheel in the lines of her palm.
When she showed her mom, her mom made her wash it off.

I think she never recovered from that cruel injustice (like Spiderman seeing his parents murdered),
and in reaction she seeks to turn the whole world into art.
You can see it in the flicker of her smile at the end of the vid.


ArtSparker said...

Heh. speaking from experience, Mom issues can't hurt in making the artist.

Margaret said...

Oh, I'd say they can hurt in making the artist.

In bink's case, because of her response, it turned out weirdly fueling; but good old-fashioned encouragement is valuable, too - all the more so because it's pretty rare.

(And of course, mom-issues can be -often are - both a hurt and a help.)

That bandsaw looks way fun.
Not as much fun as the goggles; but fun.

poodletail said...

bink ====> goggles as fashion statement

poodletail said...

P.S. I confess that seeing the saw cut through those DVDs gives me satisfaction.

femminismo said...

Yes, good for her, sawing through those disks of "shame, shame, shame on you" tripe. But I have one word to say: earplugs. Not because of the music but I worry about hearing loss at the bandsaw. (no fun to lose hearing, as I can attest)

iloveyoumauralynch said...

@ all y'all---ditto.
And as you point out Fresca, love the grin on her face at the end!

FRESCA said...

I'd say "Mom issues" are like a tourniquet--right amount of tightness is helpful; too much cuts off your limb.

POODLE: In bink's line-up of fashion accessories, goggles are superseded only by her little dog.
(heh heh... I found that bandsaw biting into the DVDs very satisfying too.)

FISMO: Oh, good idea, earplugs! Thanks!

MAURA: Yeah, that little binky look of wickedness...