Friday, August 6, 2010

The pilgrimage doesn't end when you stop walking.

Walking across the plain in Spain, July 2001:
Fresca (far left) and bink (far right), with pilgrims met on the Camino de Santiago, Alice and Clare

A favorite post of mine about the Camino, from last summer:
"I Never Slept with Charlemagne"


yvette said...

it goes on and on and on....I have to read your last posts carefully but for now my pilgrimmage takes me along several blog friends I neglected for so long.


femminismo said...

Good gravy! Your "Camino Post" is excellent!! How many more exclamation points will it take to get the point (no pun) across? You're magnificent!

Fresca said...

Hi, Yvette: Nice to see you here. I love the image of blogging as a pilgrimage!

FISMO: I admit, I'm really pleased with that post too. Thank you for your kind words about it (and me!).