Saturday, August 7, 2010

Life Imitates Art

I screencapped this shot of Cliff Robertson, from Underworld USA (1961, Sam Fuller), because it cracked me up that the espresso bar shares a name with the Elite Groceries store I photographed the other day.

I'd never seen a Fuller film before. He's a low-budget, B-movie director whom filmmakers such as Martin Scorcese name among their influences.
I can see why now: his bold black and white and extreme close-ups pack a punch so strong the shoddy sets fall away. It almost overcomes the stinker of a plot and the ludicrous dialogue.
(Well, the ludicrous dialogue has its own charm.)

Vision and energy can still trump big bucks.

In comparison, this summer's Inception has a clever plot but the visuals were zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (Well, unless you've never seen a big-budget movie or a video game before.)


ArtSparker said...

Still of two minds about whether to see this...someone compared it to Donnie Darko, which is almost enough to get me in the door. But mostly I don't like big and it bores me.

In Oakland, we don't have so many elites, but we have lots of crowns.

Fresca said...

SPARKER: I'd be interested to hear what you think of Inception, if you see it.
I thought it would make a great short story! And I would have loved it when I was twenty. But now, yeah, I thought it was kinda boring.