Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shatner Blogathon!

Click on She Blogged By Night for the Shatner Blogathon, through July 9.
Mortmere's offering, below, brilliant as ever: a mashup of the Rita Hayworth/Gilda movie poster.
See the real McCoy at Mortmere's post, "A Man Like Shatner".
You may already know Mortmere by her most excellent vids.

I wasn't going to bother, but this makes me think I really better had. I have a couple more days...


Margaret said...

Mortmere is fabulous!

And now I feel a finger laid on my conscious as if to say:
go forth and blog Shatner.

Fresca said...

Oh, Margaret, you really SHOULD do something for the 'thon! Bill would want you to. (And so would I.)

Margaret said...

Heh, or Bill would just be a little creeped out.

Fresca said...

Naw. No attention is bad attention to Bill.

bink said...

Mortmere has created the PERFECT Bill poster.