Saturday, June 5, 2010

Red Wall, Early Morning


The Crow said...

A wonderful, painterly photograph, Fresca!

Krista said...

Lovely indeed.

Additionally: toga toga toga!

Anonymous said...

Ave! I, CLAVDIVS/House of Atreus/A Slightly Vertiginous Venus Balancing On Her HalfShell...Didja haveta be up on a ladder at all? I LOVE the wave design echoing through on the border! What composition!


Lill said...


Fresca said...

Thanks, all.

OF COURSE the red paint did not cover the sea-green, but I ended up loving the end effect--sort of Pompeii meets Matisse.

STEF: No, no ladder, I'm just off balance because I'm wrapping the sheet around me.

Margaret said...

Nice lamp.

(Stop posting interesting things)

The way you're holding the sheet/ bent head/ posture reminds me of 3 things:

Jesus carrying the cross,

an electric guitarist rocking out, and

a William Blake painting, (not a specific one, just in general).

And the red catching light or eating it! And the inversed waves that now look like pretty flames! And the line of white billows!

If I was a painter . . .

Fresca said...

MGT: Sometimes a binge is a good thing. As here.
I have missed you and your comments.
How not? So alive!
(Are you getting your papers done?)

Everything you say fits, but of course I didn't think of any of that when I was shooting this series.
I like how meaning is simply in things. Or so we see it.

Now I must crawl back into the red so dark it's black and get some sleep. This all started because about 19 hours ago I couldn't sleep.

momo said...

there need to be a few "putti" around you!