Saturday, June 5, 2010

Red Wall, Afternoon


The Crow said...

Hmmmmm...a little harder-edged than the first one, but the red over green background adds a nice touch.

Very, seriously, the look in your eyes dares the viewer.

(Though, I have to admit, without my glasses when I first looked at the image, I thought the chair back was a big diaper. What is the message the artist is trying to convey here, I wondered.)

Margaret said...

Nice chair.


(im-not-here, but while I AM here . . .)

You seem like an animal in this picture, (well, you are; but you're a human, too. ((I think; sorry if I step on any toes there.)))
No way to call someone an animal without sounding either insulting or . suggestive, but you know what I mean.

This image overwhelms with potential energy; the egg on the pinnacle of the roof, about to go one way, or go the other, or burst into purple flames, or hatch a dragon, or hatch nothing at all. For now, it is still in the eye of that impossibility,
and gives the impression that surrounding whirlpools prevent you from ever blinking.

Your face says:
I'm going to kill you
I'm going to smirk you silly
I'm going to bring you fresh fruit
(not in that order)
& other inarticulables

Red Wall, Evening . . . .

Red Wall, Everywhen

Red Wall, "left hand of dawn"

Red Wall, ?

!(the suspense)!

!(the design)!

I like Red Wall, and it's accidental color;
the aqua and red that gave birth to it; and the pictures, as a canvas, it gives birth to.

All this is to say:

And in a similar flourish I go; (the walls of my cell crawl with hoarse whispers of 2 papers and its square in finals):
with the roots of a flighty fan-bye:

Okay, Thank You, Goodbye

Fresca said...

CROW: I think of this little series as a meditation on aging, to some extent, so perhaps the "diaper" is prescient...?

MAR'T: I love you.

momo said...

woah, Margaret! comment win!

this says "strength" to me.

Lill said...

This is my fave of the series. I love the glare -- I don't know who you're glaring at: the viewer, the photographer, the world; but whoever it is had better take note and get their ducks in a row. Naked women in images usually don't stare intently at anyone or anything. Most often they recline passively, if not seductively.

This naked woman does not seem to shielding her body with the chair, she seems about to pick it up and hurl it in front of her--and spoiling for the chance.

Love the colors and composition, too.

Fresca said...

LILL: I think this is my favorite too.
I didn't take any of these photos with any particular intent, other than to show my newly painted wall... (and also with an interest in seeing women's bodies at midlife, non-Photoshopped)---I just took a whole lot during each time segment and chose one I liked.

So, in reality, I'm probably glaring at the camera wondering if the self-timer worked!
But what I see in the end result (why I chose this one) is pretty close to what you say you see.