Saturday, May 1, 2010

Still Working

I just can't get the tone right. I keep rewriting the opening sentence:
"George Washington was a wanker
wonderful guy

But it's May: time to blog again. So, here's Spoken Word Artist (e.g. bullmeister) Henry Rollins. He's funny, kinda like a cocky, enraged David Sedaris, but more of a sweetheart.

Even if you have NO interest in Bill Shatner, you might enjoy this story, about Rollins recording "I Can't Get Behind That" with B.S.
("Leaf blowers... Is there anything more futile?")

[Or skip Bill, and listen to Hank on dating. He's one of the Tribe of Readers.]

(Thanks, Krista, for telling me about this ages ago.)


Krista said...

Oh, I had almost forgotten these. Aren't they fun?

Margaret said...

OHMY---you know my desire to witness Bill's narration of eating gelato? This desire is now multiplied by ONE THOUSAND.

Of course he would know who captures the best scallops in the world. Ah, Bill.

Darwi said...

Nice :-)

Dania said...

Thanks for posting. Those were incredible. I stumbled across a book on freedom of speech and censorship with a long interview of Henry Rollins years ago and have really liked him a lot since then. Very smart and cutting wit, but I had no idea he could do such a good Bill Shatner impression.

momo said...

I laughed so hard. Rollins really does capture the Shatnerness of Shatner.

Fresca said...

Hi, everybody!

I know! Isn't this fun?
I think I shall start saying,
"THIS is the best scallop... NO! THIS is the best scallop!"

What a life force (both of them).