Monday, April 26, 2010

Off the Air Waves

Comic book hero Air Wave and his sidekick, Static the parrot (1946)

How long do you take to put together a blog post?

Obviously something like putting together yesterday's Star Trek macros takes hours;
but even when I'm not actively composing, my brain hums along on blog-related lines, and it's really hard for me to switch channels.

Like, today at the YW my brain was sparking, thinking about how I might write about the body pump class instructor.
She's the sort of big bold blonde who wears eye makeup at all times, smokes (secretly) mentholated cigarettes, played community-college basketball--the sort of straight woman who would happily discuss the intimate details of getting a Brazilian wax with you in the sauna. She'd made a terrific starship captain.
I worship her and have as much in common with her as I would a Palomino.

OK, now I've got that out of my system (I made most of those things up--I know nothing about her), I have GOT to take a break from blogging for a week, so I can focus on finishing up a first draft about the Frindian Wars.

Ciao, till May!


Candace said...

Hasta la vista, Baby! Look forward to your return. Say, I think you would probably make a pretty good captain yourself.

See ya,
Candace, still in Athens.

momo said...

I also mentally compose blog posts! but then mostly do not follow through more than once in a while.

ArtSparker said...

As an expert in projection, I'd say it's easier to worship someone you have as much in common with as would with a palomino than someone with whom a conversation is possible. Possibly worship is overrated - can be compelling, though.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwk! (that's parrotspeak for whatever you want it to mean!) Birdlife and all the rest of it seems abundant again. Saw two darling baby mallards out for what looked like their first swim with their mama & papa on M'haha Creek, Monday. Yesterday, a tiny baby pigeon stopped traffic on our block as it staggered around on the avenue. It's nest is in our neighbors' wonderful garden across the street. I have never ever seen a baby pigeon. Those jeweled "rats with wings" just seem to spontaneously generate and appear as adults....Hmmm...I wonder how long it will take me to post my next blog...will it be in this lifetime, Fresca!?

deanna said...

Sometimes you just gotta get away. I understand. All the best with your draft and the whole process of dealing with war in them old days (or any days).

Fresca said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone.
After a week away, I still need more time to finish my project (I am s-l-o-w); also, it's kind of relaxing to be away from the blogosphere for a while--more relaxing than I'd imagined...