Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Brain on LSD

Last night, Maura, my friend who won't give up (thank you, Maura!), figured out how to view the confusing CD of my brain scan I got last December. The docs were ruling out brain weirdness as a cause of my vertigo, and I now have official confirmation that my brain is normal.

Looking at the 51 stills was freaky. They called out to be animated and set to equally freaky music.
And what's freakier than Bill Shatner's rendition of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"?
Here's the result: 17 seconds of LSD is about all you can listen to without risking brain damage.

This is from Shatner's album The Transformed Man (1968), which turns up on many compilations of Worst Albums Ever Released.
But it's so exquisitely bad that it's good.

Speaking of the Best of the Worst, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post a picture of Dr. McCoy operating on "Spock's Brain".


bink said...

Wow, you are right... 17 seconds of Bill "singing" that song was more than enough... and I never would have recognized it as "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"!

Your brain, however is way cool...

I do prefer to see it wrapped however.

Margaret said...

And how unexplainably eerie to see someone elses skull! Something so intimate that we all have in common, laid bare just like that.

I totes have that song on my iPod, along with the more rare "How Insensitive" by Bill, (which is an absolute hoot, oh my goodness!) I always try to sing-speak along, but damn the man, his timing follows no discernable current.

momo said...

Normal brain scan is a GOOD THING!

But all I can think about that Spock picture is "Not a very sterile environment for brain surgery!"

Annika said...

CT scans are incredibly cool. And eerie, yes, especially that slice where you can see the eyes!

Good for you that you didn't have to go into this thing:


...it looks kind of familiar, doesn't it?

Fresca said...

Ha! Thanks, Annika: The designers obviously were Trekkies who modeled the gamma knife on the Knowledge Helmet or whatever they called that thing in "Spock's Brain."

deanna said...

Very trippy. I'm glad you are "normal." Wonder what Bill's brain would be?