Monday, April 5, 2010

Roses in Shadow

bink borrowed my camera on Good Friday for the evening service of Tenebrae (shadows, darkness), probably the most dramatic liturgy of the Catholic church year.
She distilled the service into 3 minutes, ending with a shower of rose petals, dropped from the catwalk by Cathy and herself.

(If the video stalls, hit the "pause" button and wait for the whole thing to load before playing.)

Tenebrae, by bink

"Miserere nobis" = Have mercy on us.

[I had earlier posted the 2-minute video of bink hanging banners for Holy Week, here: Passion Banner.]


femminismo said...

That was lovely. Moving, affecting, transformative. Bringing legends to life, bringing humans closer together. (verification word: prespebr) Close to a religion's name.

Margaret said...

Ah, the richness of it!
Beautiful, beautiful.

Fresca said...

Thanks, Femminismo & Margaret.

Clowncar said...

Wonderfully theatrical. I am not Catholic, and so Catholic services seem so odd and alien to me. Like Spock's wedding.

The close shot of the bare feet was unexpectedly moving. As was the sight of the regular church goers touching the cross, their tender caution.

Fresca said...

CLOWNCAR: You're right: the mystical Vulcan/Jewish-y stuff is kinda similar to Catholic ritual.

It is theatrical, in the best (transformative) sense, but doesn't feel so odd and alien, of course, when you can say, "Oh! Those are Michael's feet!"

Seeing people's tenderness toward the cross (and each other) always brings tears to my eyes.
The passing of the cross overhead reminds me of crowd surfing at music concerts--the trust that we will hold each other up.

Lill said...

Beautiful service and video! Quite visually poetic. People have created many beautiful things for religion, as well as much that is not. Thanks for sharing this beautiful thing. I shared it on FB.

Fresca said...

I'm glad you liked it LiLL!