Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Truth and Reconciliation Hairstyle Challenge

In a brave and charitable act--
akin to the way elephants sway and moan around a suffering member of the herd, or perhaps in an act of lemming-like misjudgment of cliff height--
Manfred has lessened the chagrin I feel at yesterday posting photos of my 1980s hairstyles
(that bleach job, followed by ...I cringe to say the word, a mullet)
by posting photos of his own tonsorial crimes of the 1980s.

I invite you all to take this opportunity to make an utter fool of yourselves come clean and
post photos of your own cringe-worthy hairstyles of the past.

If this offer of public humiliation friendly sharing among jolly and supportive blog-friends tempts any of you intrepid souls,
let me know and I will link to your posts here.

Let me think does Art Sparker arrange her group postings,
in response to a prompt?
Let's see... how 'bout anyone who wants to post their hairstyles, post them
and I will link to them all here.

(If you don't have a blog, you can e-mail me your photo and I will post it here.)

Come on, now, they can't be worse than Bill's crimes against hair.

Photo, right, from Shatner's Toupee.
Yep, it gets a whole blog of its own.

And now, I am dashing off to attend the professional basketball game I mentioned last week.
I feel like an anthropologist about to witness the rites of an alien tribe...


Margaret said...

The last sentence: YES.

Oh, jeez. That toupee. I am amazed that he appeared as absurdly confident and swaggering as ever during that appearance. He had to know, right? Perhaps his absurd confidence blinded him from seeing how god-awful it was. Cause and effect, the chicken or the egg. Was he so confident because he knew he had to be in order to compensate for the toup? Or was he so confident to begin with that he didn't even notice the piece of ironed roadkill on his head? Impossible to tell.

yvette said...

no pictures available just memories.
2 tails left and right with ribbons...I hated it but my mothers will....

Now I've dreads!

have a good game!

momo said...

no pictures, making me sad!
little kid:pixie cut by mom
bigger kid: braids w/bangs by mom alternating w/ponytail.
kid who could brush her own hair: long hair parted in the middle, with motherly exhortations to get it out of my face so I didn't look like a neanderthal: junior high through graduate school I do have ONE picture from high school!)
punk era: various short short cuts, one asymmetrical cut,
long hair, short hair, long hair, short hair, gray hari.
Now: short hair colored.

OMG, my captcha word is "aflatio"

Fresca said...

M'GET: I love that about Shatner--no matter how absurd he looks, he doesn't lose his swagger.
Or is that something I hate?
Can't always decide with Bill!

YVETTE & MOMO: Even without pictures, I can see your hair!

Anonymous said...

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