Friday, March 5, 2010

The Forgotten Birthday: A Preview

OMG. OMG. OMG. TWO people made me Kirk b-day manips--first bink's this morning (below), and tonight I come home to a story by Margaret [Marz], whose sheer genius is enough to send me into anaphylactic shock.
Preview below.
But you must read the whole insanely inspired story of how Bones & Spock try to help Jim save the day when he forgets "Fresca's Birsdey."

Read the rest here.


Candace said...

BWAHAHA. I love this so much. From a Bones fan to a Kirk Contemplator...
Happy to you. Another Pisces! well, well, well.

Isabel said...


Thank you from the heart for your positive thoughts and prayers for my brother. You are a beautiful person.

Happy birthday. Full of light in the heart.



Krista Kennedy said...

I am nearly speechless with the pricelessness of this. And what marvelous proof of how special you are to so many people!

Happy birthday!

ArtSparker said...

It's a beautiful thing.

Lill said...

OMG, this Fresca birsdey tribute has nearly made me fall in love with all those Trek boys all over again!! The sheer concentrated collection of smiling, sweaty, eyebrow lifting, makeup covered masculine countenances emoting elaborately (and Kirk's tight pants) has come close to pushing me over into Trekkie devotion. What has following Frescas' blog DONE!!!

Fresca said...

ISABEL: I have been thinking of you and praying for your brother's recovery.

CANDACE: Happy birthday to you too!

KRISTA & ARTS: Margaret is a marvel, eh?

LILL: Kirk's tight pants... : )

Jennifer said...

Good Lord, that is BRILLIANT. I've already become a devotee of Margaret's based on her videos, but this takes the...well, proverbial cake. "OMG no..."

As a side issue while we're talking about McCoy, I watched "Requiem for Methuselah" last night and I have to say anyone who happened across that episode early in their fannish career would be extremely justified in loathing McCoy's guts. He's simply bitchy at the end, and for absolutely no reason. There are good episodes for him, but that is so not one of them.

But I am in a grouchy mood because I have a couple of people in my life who are into McCoy/Spock and their stories tend to devolve into lectures about what a pill Kirk is, and as a result I like these people less, which makes me feel guilty. I shouldn't dislike people because they dislike fictional people I love, right? And yet...UGH.

Fresca said...

JEN: The macro is brilliant, yes!
And you have noticed, as I did, a similarity in whacky-genius between Margaret and Mortmere the fanvidder, but they are not the same person.

McCoy's cruel speech to Spock in "Requiem"--yes, that's the pinnacle of his bitchy knife-twisting of Spock's disabilities.

A rather shocking counterpart, though, is McCoy's similar speech in "Bread and Circuses"--you surely rememeber--when he & Spock are in prison and he starts in on how Spock has no heart, saying to him,
"You wouldn't know what to do with an honest feeling if you had one."

And Spock--who has been looking helplessly tormented-- raises his eyebrows and says,
"Oh really, doctor?"

Whereupon, McCoy backs off, and replies,
"I know. I'm worried about Jim too."

I don't know what McCoy/Spock-ers make of this, because it sure reads as an unequivocal admission that they clash because they both love Jim.

You write, " I shouldn't dislike people because they dislike fictional people I love, right? "

Well, maybe... but don't you think the fictional characters (or historical characters) we love say as much or more about who WE are than who the characters are.

Like, you know a lot about a person if you know they prefer Plato to Aristotle and the gospel of John to the gospel of Mark, etc. etc., yes?

People who actively *dislike* Kirk--
well, I'm sure they have other good qualities,
but an inability to see the charms of his ridiculousness, at least, might make me wonder about my compatibility with such people.