Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Infinity Café Flicks, no. 2

I am light-headed with love for this project of making a series of movies less than a minute long. Among other things, a year and a half after I bought it, my videocamera now feels like a friend instead of a tool. (It took an even longer time--about 4 years--before this happened with my computer.)
I decided to name my micromovie productions Infinity Café Flicks (links to my Vimeo page).

"Life Support Systems" (24 sec.)

bink gave me this l'astronave (starship) nightlight for Christmas.
I left Star Trek playing in the background, thinking I would delete the sound later, but a phrase Spock says caught me; so instead of muting the audio I duplicated the voice and layered it over the sound track.


ArtSparker said...

Re voiceover: Sounds like good advice to me.

Fresca said...

Heh. I thought so too. And don't tangle your air tubes.

Lill said...

This is a fun new development on L'astronave!

Fresca said...

LiLL: I thought of your Frank and how he loves that movie that's nothing but a looooong, slow, slow, slow zoom down a white room!
Can you remember the name of it?

Krista said...

Oh, man. I just want to set this one on repeat.

Margaret said...

It's interesting how such simplicity in capturing a moment can prove so effective, and in a way, meaningful. There's something about it that refreshes.

This approach reminds me of the filming style of Robert Bresson, a very minimalist French film director of the the mid 20th century. Do you know of him? I think you would appreciate his work.

Fresca said...

LILL: P.S. I remembered the movie: "Wavelength" (1965)--I might like it now.

KRISTA: Thanks for saying so. It caught me but wasn't sure it would affect anyone else.

MARGARET: Simplicity is surprisingly interesting, isn't it?
Bresson. What a good suggestion! I must look at his work. The only Bresson movie I've ever seen is "Diary of a Country Priest" many years ago, and I barely remember it except for a vivid image of black ink. And the wonderful last line:
"It's all grace..."
I should watch it again. I notice that I see movies very differently now that I've made a few.

bink said...

What is he saying? Sounds like "check out the last four systems" is that correct? It is another beautiful visual. Good chose on the Christmas present, I'd say.

You are so totally a storyteller.

Fresca said...

Silly girl! He's saying "Check out the life support systems."
Hence the title of the post and vid. : )

(Good question though--I've noticed Nimoy has a slight cotton mouth.)

Jennifer said...

I love the serendipity of the line catching your attention and becoming the theme! Awesome...