Thursday, January 14, 2010


(29 sec.)


Margaret said...

Oh, this one is very cool!

Fresca said...

Thanks, Margaret.
I was suprised how beautiful it turned out.
Could be my camera was influenced by Vermeer vibes from the ms on the Netherlands I'm writing.

bink said...

This is indeed very beautiful. I love how your fingers are fragmented by the glass, and how the typing movement on the one side is balanced by the headlight reflection on the other. I think my favorite bit is the sigh...hearing that really does turn it into a story.... perhaps about how slowing writing about the Netherlands is going? :)

Fresca said...

Thanks Bink!
I'd considered cutting out the sigh, as it makes this more of a story ("why is she sighing?"), but then I thought, my intention is not to strip all meaning, but rather not to ADD any.
And I really did sigh.

Probably I was trying to figure out all the Dutch rulers named William: they go to William #6 and then start numbering all over again, so there are two William I's and so on.
(There's a rational reason--the gov't became a monarch--so they were now kings, but still. They should have taken a new name too.)

Dania said...

It's interesting how your body can make the most appropriate noise at just the right time. I've sighed or breathed not realizing it at the time I was filming and then it seemed like I had done it on purpose when I went to edit the piece.

Things sometimes do happen for a reason.

Fresca said...

DANIA: I know, I'm amazed. Making these little movies, I am relying on intuition--including body intuition--since there's little prior planning.
It's wild how well it works.

Marz said...

Hey, Frex!
I'm re-watching your micromovies this morning, thinking about STAC (Star Trek Advent Calendar). This one reminds me of "Force Majeure" in that the sound is separated from the visual. I would really like to see you pick up your new camera...Does it appeal to you? I'll take on figuring out how to load it onto the computer, if that's any incentive.