Saturday, October 10, 2009

Skewed Is the New Centered

I've been experiencing vertigo off and on the past three weeks. It feels like the balance bubble in my head--like the bubble in a carpenter's level--is out of whack.
And that's pretty much what's going on--the inner ear's mechanism is off kilter. It's unpleasant, like being a bit sea sick; but my case is pretty mild. And the doctor assured me it's harmless, as long as I stay off ladders.
Still, tired of feeling a bit whoozy, I read more about it and came across this helpful advice:

Keep moving; your brain will get used to and adjust itself to the new orientation.

I love that advice--it applies to life in general--and it's helpful, as the temptation with vertigo is to hold perfectly still.
So, I took my brain for a repositioning walk around the lake this morning (about 4 miles).
Oddly, moving feels good. I'm afraid sitting at the computer doesn't--and that's what I have to do intensively for the next few weeks, as I work on Finland and the Netherlands. Oh well.

Your Fly Is Open

Tonight's the night: Cathy and Brad are hosting the premiere for cast & crew of Orestes and the Fly. I feel a little nervous--it's so personal and immediate compared to posting something here or on youTube. Plus, while I'm not physically in any of my Star Trek vids or Orestes, I am very much in The Making Of.
This is a new orientation too: being public. Makes me a bit whoozy.
I trust if I keep doing it, my brain will adjust.


deanna said...

I sure hope your night's going swimmingly, but that your brain is holding still. Have fun with celebrity!

Rudyinparis said...

It was great! We've been talking about it on and off all day... looking forward to debriefing with you... The Disinherited becomes funnier and funnier with every passing hour. When can we watch again on You Tube? Your fans are clamoring for repeated viewings!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like it went great! I'm looking forward to getting my crack at it! :)

Fresca said...

Thanks, Deanna! Luckily fame has not yet gone to my head and made me even more dizzy. : )

R & J: Your wish is my command.

ArtSparker said...

Fun stuff. The location for the initial encounter and alien costume recalled to me Kirk's Griffith park battle with the reptilian alien (later allluded to in Bill and Ted's excellent adventure).

Fresca said...

Art Sparker: Bingo!
That reptilian alien Kirk fights is a "Gorn" and was indeed the inspiration for our "aliensaur".
You are hereby awarded the Star Trek Reference Spotter Prize.