Monday, October 12, 2009

The Disinherited (A Comic Sci-Fi Western)

Here is Fly Off The Wall's (i.e., bink & my) 5:31 minute Montana weekend film, The Disinherited. (That's me as The Anchorite.)

NOTE: Click on "HD Off" (will show up on the screen) to play on slower computers.

The Disinherited (A Comic Sci-Fi Western) from Fly Off The Wall Films on Vimeo.

(Click on title to watch it larger.)
Description: "The Spaghetti Western meets Space Opera as a baffled hermit with a taste for donuts helps an alien outwit a bounty hunter. Filmed in Makoshika State Park and other locations near Glendive, Montana by bink and Fresca, pardners in Fly Off The Wall Films."

I uploaded this to Vimeo because youTube is still in the clutches of Warner Music Group, who owns the Otis Redding cover of "Amen" I use, and woudn't accept the audio track. (Stef alerts me that Jester Hairston wrote "Amen.")

Let me plug again Jason Carter's harp-guitar rendition of Jean Sibelius's "Finlandia," which fit the last section of this video so beautifully.
The World Premiere of Orestes and the Fly (and The Making Of) this past Saturday was hugely gratifying, and a huge relief: everybody laughed! And at the right places, too.
I am so proud of everyone who helped make the films. Thank you, all.

Several comments meant the world to me. For instance, Allan (Agamemnon), a rather buttoned-down guy who has worked at the art college for years, said, "You've really got something here. You should keep going."
The best compliment was that three separate people told me they were inspired to dust off their own movie cameras and make films again.
Yes! Make art! Make art!


Nancy said...

As posted on my FB page with the link: A new production from my movie-making friends! Gorgeous scenery, incredibly beautiful cars, donut worship -- this film has it all!

deanna said...

Splendid! I, too, would like to post the link on Facebook.

Love the music ("Stay With Me" is a personal favorite), love the hints at Star Trek, Eastwood, history, and theology. Love the scenery.

In a short time you made something laugh-out-loud funny and also sweet. Great job!

Fresca said...

Thanks Nancy and Deanna---Of course I'm tickled if you want to share this any which way.

Aren't those cars something? bink's uncle stores them on the the old farm and sells them. That pink DeSoto is only $2,5000--I thought about buying it to live in: It's as big as half my apartment!

Fresca said...

P.S. Deanna: I;m so glad you caught "stay with me"--even though I don't use the lyrics, I was hoping some people might recognize the song.

And yep, lots of Kirk and the Gorn, Clint Eastwood, etc. in there!
But the donuts are entirely original, so far as I can trace in my subconscious. : )

Manfred Allseasons said...

Excellent...really funny too.But Doughnuts as spherical objects?? This is non euclidean geometry at its most shocking!

Music is lovely too...Genesis!! And the look of the whole thing - costumes, locations - really good.

Bring on orestes!

Fresca said...

Thanks, Manfred!

(Are you still researching herring in Sweden?)

If you look closely (hard to do here), you can see they are "donut holes"--(do you have those in your savage town?), which are indeed spherical. But good point.

(bink, who never listens to the radio, had never heard "Follow Me"; but you and Deanna are proving me right--our generation does know Genesis.)

Orestes on Saturday, you betcha.

bink said...

This really is a delightful little film. I think we can be quite proud of it. Somehow seeing it here (for the first time) made it seem more complete-- viewed in it's proper environment, so to speak. It's very satisfying.

Fresca said...

We done good, bink!