Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Joop, Raspberry Eater

I had a youTubey sort of day.
First, Jean Luc in Russia e-mailed me a link to more photos from RusCon 09, which pushed me to finally upload Стар Трек, любовь моя ("Star Trek, My Love" in Russian). (Made on iMovie 09, the vid's quality is so superior to the original, made on iMovie 04, that if I could do it without losing the 46 lovely viewer comments, I'd rebuild the original too...)

Then I edited down half an hour of footage I'd shot of bink's wire-haired fox terrier, Joop, plucking raspberries off the bush and tearing around the yard into a 1 min. 27 sec. video. I was going to post it on bink's birthday next week, but of course I couldn't wait. So, here it is:

I expect you've all already seen Joop in bink's Star Trek: Dog Gone.


bink said...

Joop is such a star! Excellent movie! An award winner!

poodletail said...

This is an instant classic. The camera loves Joop! How is it that he doesn't get pricked by raspberry thorns?

Fresca said...

Joop is my favorite actor. Such commitment, such focus... he even braves raspberry thorns to get a good shot.
Actually, Poodletails, I've also marveled at how he plucks the berries so gently, avoiding getting his tender nose scratched. I don't know how he figured out they were edible in the first place, either.

poodletail said...

He probably saw binky eating them and that's all it took.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of brave actors and film and risks and process, if I haven't already recommended that you watch the dvd of "Lost In La Mancha", please check it out!

Love and Lusciousness of Summer's End!


bink said...

What I'm amazed by is how careful Joop is to only pluck the ripest berries. He's so gentle he never damages the unripe berries.

Morgatail said...

He even doesn't have to close his eyes as he braves into wood---utterly fearless:)! Absolute star power all the way!

fresca said...

STEF: Yeah, "Lost in La Mancha" is a classic of Making Ofs!

For someone who's designed to kill foxes, Joop is very gentle with berries.