Thursday, July 16, 2009

Star Trek: Dog Gone! the latest bink vid

The follow-up to Star Trek: So Fluffy! A bold work of comedic genius!
by bink + guest starring Joop, the wire-haired fox terrier.


momo said...

*doffs hat*
Comedic genius, indeed! and what a splendid actor that Joop is! I could FEEL his hunger when he was sniffing the pizza-thing.
Bravo Joop! Brava bink!

deanna said...

Oh, my! How funny. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Deeelightful! I want to give Joop a smushy kiss! What genius abounds over in your necks of the woods!


Jennifer said...

Oh man, the comedic timing and facial expressions on this one! And the cameo by the Gorn! Classic!

Ah, the Gorn reminds me to ask if you have seen this? :D