Friday, July 17, 2009

I have got to learn Photoshop...

First there was bink's new vid Star Trek: Dog Gone! with its amazing photoshopped Joops.
Then Jen alerted me to the Shatner Image Challenge from b3ta:
"The new Star Trek film is out, and it's great. The only problem is it completely lacks William Shatner. So let's see Shatnerised movies: Shatner on the Roof, The Good The Bad and The Shatner, Indiana Shatner, Shatnerman! SHATNER!"

[From "About b3ta":
B3ta is all about celebrating the best stuff on the internet. We send out a free, weekly newsletter stuffed with the finest links the internet has to offer and we also have messageboards where anybody can show off their creative skills."]
The challenge is over, so I don't have to learn photoshop TODAY (I don't even own it), but obviously I must one of these days soon, so I can play too.
This afternoon, anyway, I'm going to an Apple one-to-one session for help with iMovie. I imported most of the footage of the Fly I shot last year and now I a bit stunned at the editing task ahead of me. But stunned in a happy way!

There are 19 (!) pages of entries for the Shatner Challenge. The quality varies a lot, but some of them are really good. Here are a few I especially liked.


Jennifer said...

Gorn in 60 Seconds? *collapses in wheezing laughter* Awesome!

fresca said...

I have to admit, I like that even better than "Gorn with the Wind" for some reason.... Thanks for leading me to this b3ta site, Jen!