Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Joop's New Friends

Bink's first complete photo montage using Photoshop Elements.
You know it's all about her little dog, Joop (where it = "anything at all").

I am refusing to learn Photoshop so that I may maintain some shred of a life off-computer.


deanna said...

My, you've been busy, and so has Joop. Creativity does take energy and lots of space/time. Guess we go for what we can and try to do the rest next Thursday (is that how it works?). It sounds as though you are confirming the writingness of your tendencies, but you (and Bink) do well with the photographs!

fresca said...

Deanna, I love how you put it:
"try to do the rest next Thursday."
I think I will add this to my life philosophy! Thanks.

Ham said...

Hello Fresca,
Very nice and complete Star Trek - site here, thanks for cool sharing.

Kind regards - Ham