Wednesday, March 11, 2009

365 - 7: "Desktop"



PaulD said...

And there you are! You've turned your hand to it yet again. Though I doubt I could keep up a daily, your's is inspiring.

Annika said...

Haha! I love this one! What a perfect Science colour your sweater is! But truth be told, I'm even more enamoured of your lamp with a reading mouse. I don't care for shoes or handbags, but unusually shaped objects (especially if they have a bit of a fairy-tale flavour) floor me.

Darwi said...

Great photo! I like it very, very much. The composition is marvelous.

fresca said...

Thanks, all!
Paul: If you can comment every day, you can write your own blog every day!
Go for it!

Annika: You have excellent taste!The reading mouse lamp is one of my all-time favorite possessions. I rarely spend much money on clothes or furnishings, but I paid quite a lot (for me) for it--something like $100! Ridiculously expensive (though the mouse is bronze, still...), but I'm glad I did.

Darwi: And I didn't even have to take 100 photos. : )
(But I did take 3.)