Tuesday, March 24, 2009

365 - 16: "The Kirk Smirk"


Trying to mirror that lopsided Kirk smile--harder than it looks.

When I'm busier with work and have--or make--less braintime to write (blog), my spirits sink a bit. Taking and posting photos doesn't seem to take care of that writing self, as I'd hoped. So, I don't know... maybe I should get up earlier and make sure I just write something. But today I have to work on an index about the death penalty.
*small sigh of spirit deflation*

The image of Kirk is "The Shatner Equation" by Russell Walks, from The Shatner Show.


bink said...

i think your smirk looks pretty damn good!

T'Keid said...

you got the insouciance down girl

PaulD said...

The smirk is good to go. Your insights are good. Write.

fresca said...

"Insouciant"--I'm thrilled!
Thanks, all.