Monday, March 23, 2009

365 - 15: "The Self-Portrait in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"


I took this photo of Momo holding her camera, looking at the picture of me photographing her hand taking the picture that she is looking at of me (left), herself (center), and Krista (right). I took this picture, and I'm in it, so it's a self-portrait, right?


bink said...

Who's on first?

Cool, none-the-less.

PaulD said...


momo said...

Now, let's diagram that sentence! I love this shot, thanks for posting it.

fresca said...

I like it too. This picture to me is more about an idea than the image itself.
I figured certain themes would emerge as I photographed myself 365 times, and already I see that I have the same interest in reflections, shadows, and overlaps in pictures that I have in words, ideas, and actions.