Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Music, earthly mirror of the heavenly kingdom..."

Coincidentally, yesterday both Deanna and Manfred posted a video of one of their favorite songs from the old days: Paul Davis, "I Go Crazy" (1978), and The Cramps, "Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?" (1985), respectively.

Both pinged me with nostalgia. Well, not the hair.

So, let me add mine. Bruce Springsteen. Here he is, live, in 1978, the year I first saw him in concert. I was seventeen... Guess if I'd died right after, in the parking lot or something, that would have been OK by me.

"The Promised Land"
("Blow away the lies
that leave you nothing
but lost and broken hearted.")

"Darkness on the Edge of Town"

For Momo, because we discussed this, here's "Because the Night", the one Patti Smith covered. And "Fire", which some may know better from the Pointer Sisters' cover.
So, what song(s) would you choose?

Oh, and I just now saw that Momo posted Fritz Wunderlich singing Schubert Lieder today.
All this music! Must be Aquarius or something.
My mother, who was a pianist (I inherited none of her musicality), used to listen to Elisabeth Schwazkopf singing Schubert's Lieder--I get slicing pains when I listen to them now. So I don't.

Well, why not?
OK--here's Schwarzkopf, 1961, singing Schubert's "An die Musik" (To Music), which I remember well. Yep. Instant streaming tears. Her voice is like... what? dark cherries in syrup?

The rest of this Springsteen b&w concert footage--better than any official videos--is on Bruchee's channel. It's a classic concert, in Bruce's home state, New Jersey (Passaic).

Can't leave without adding Thunder Road.


Manfred Allseasons said...

Love the Boss, he's in a league of his own.

I sing two songs in the shower, Let The Heartaches Begin by Long John Baldry (which makes me laugh) and The River by Brooooooce, which is heartbreaking....

Sorry....too much information!

fresca said...

And his hair ALWAYS looks good!

I vote TTJ do a cover of "The River."

poodletail said...

My first thought is "Happy" by Keith Richards. He and Anita Pallenberg were together (she'd left Brian Jones for Keith) and she was pregnant. I like this whole album (Exile on Main Street), but this song is so innocent. I'm aware they were all heavily into heroin then but there you go. Fresca, I'm sending one of my favorite photos of Keith from this time. It's by Dominique Tarlé.

fresca said...

Thanks, Cat!
I posted it.
Even though the bootleg footage of these old concerts is so rough, I really love its... "innocence"? too--probably the wrong word, but, anyway, back before we were all so constantly electronified...

momo said...

I had to go back and listen to Patti Smith again!

I think music is one of the ways we lay down memories and also one of the ways they live in us again.

fresca said...

Yes, music is like the smell of someone we love--it evokes powerful body memories.