Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cat's Choice: "Happy"

In response to my question in the post below, What song would you choose as one of your favorites from your early days? Cat writes:

"My first thought is 'Happy,' by Keith Richards.
He and Anita Pallenberg were together (she'd left Brian Jones for Keith) and she was pregnant.

I like this whole album (Exile on Main Street, released 1972), but this song is so innocent.
I'm aware they were all heavily into heroin then, but there you go.

Fresca, I'm sending one of my favorite photos of Keith from this time [left].
It's by Dominique Tarlé."

Keith Richards, "Happy" (1972)


poodletail said...

P.S. They were living in the south of France so of course they were Happy.

deanna said...

I'm happy to be part of this little music fest. Amazing, isn't it, how our tunes (at whatever sophistication level) carry so much of our lives' memories and emotions inside them? I was talking about that with several people this morning, and then here's your continuation of the subject. Cool.

fresca said...
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fresca said...

Cat: Yeah. If you can't be happy in that room--at least for a moment-- give it up!

Deanna: I'm glad you started this--with Paul Davis & his amazing hair! I don't think of myself as much of a music person, but this weekend, musing on the songs of my life, I thought I'd better reappraise that. Almost nothing else goes as deep.
Thanks for getting the ball rolling!

bink said...

To think Keith Richards once looked like something other than a ambisexual mummy!

momo said...

I am incapable of answering any question that asks me to name a favorite or most important song/book/movie with only one thing. I can tell you that my favorite color is green. "Happy" IS one of my favorite Stones' songs.
I think it is because a song for me is so anchored in its moment that a memory of it is always very particular.

fresca said...

I usually can only reply with three to ten answers! Except for me Bruce is so above everyone else in my teen years, that's an easy one. But even then, you see I could not limit myself to only one of his songs (I linked to 5!).