Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Please, Please, Please

Here's my musical pick for Inauguration Day.
The Smiths
"Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want"

Not a great video, visually. (Ah, now you know I'm just not that into Moz.)
But I like this song a lot, and it really captures how I feel about the last eight years:
"Haven't had a dream in a long time..."

I don't like to get all emotional about politics, one way or the other. What's the point? And I usually don't. But the other night, falling asleep, I got socked with geopolitical "what ifs" --especially, what if we Americans, under W., hadn't done what we did after 9/11? (which I didn't think we should do)--and grief and rage and disgust came up, like a bruise.

So, here's what I want:
That we should be able to look back, in four or eight years time, on an Obama presidency and have it be no worse than looking at old photos of ourselves and thinking, why on Earth did we ever wear our hair that way?
Please, please, please...

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