Thursday, January 15, 2009

Firefly, The Shopping List

If you love Joss Whedon's Firefly, as I do, check out these Serenity Tales: Notes on a Fridge [on a spaceship].
Written and assembled by Arwen Bijker; some artwork courtesy Ursula Vernon.
Link proffered, over a nice cuppa, at Mrs. Conclusion's Journal.
I might be found in little shreds of joy if there were a version of this for the Enterprise crew, mutatis mutandis, of course, for the naval hierarchy of that ship. I haven't seen such a thing, but maybe it exists? ...or maybe it will exist?
(Who, who could make such a thing?)


bink said...

The Serenity fridge notes are spot on! You should do some for Star Trek! (I'd help with any scribbles.)

I heard Josh Whedon's got a new project called Dollhouse that's airing soon...

deanna said...

Oh, those are fun. I must watch the series again soon. Thanks for posting the link, and I hope you're keeping well unfrozen!