Thursday, January 15, 2009

All Terrier, All the Time

Happy Birthday, Joop!
Bink sketched this picture (far left) of her little dog Joop on this, his ninth, birthday.
Joop is a wire-haired fox terrier.
Like Tintin's dog Snowy (Milou, above right), and Asta of The Thin Man movies, played by a dog named Skippy.
(Toy of Snowy is "currently unavailable" on Amazon. Too bad, I wanted to get it for Bink.)

Fun terrier (and other dogs) blog at aterrier.

I don't think I'll be seeing Joop in the flesh today: it is 20 below zero outside.(And that's not even counting wind-chill factor. ) Right around here it doesn't matter anymore if you're counting in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The radio announces a Weather Advisory, warning that "unprotected flesh will start to freeze in 3 minutes."

This is the frosted hallway window, which I did not get around to covering in plastic. The ice pattern looks like ferns.


bink said...

ooohhhh! I WANT THE SNOWY TOY!!!

Joop is having a sleepy least in the extreme cold there are still sunbeams for him to lay in.

And in tribute to the dog that first made me want a Wire Fox--Asta--check out this website:

fresca said...

Oh, I know!!!
Was I too, too cruel even to post the picture of the unavailable stuffed Snowy? Maybe on e-Bay?

The Asta website is almost too painful to bear!

poodletail said...

I love you, Joop!

Cymena said...

Beautiful window pic! And lovely sketch of Joop. Nice bits of fresh art for a mostly shut-in day.


Maura said...

Isn't our little boy just so GOOD?!!! He is pure sunshine, even in the winteriest of days---so much personality! "I love my little dog"!

fresca said...

That little dog could melt frost.