Monday, November 17, 2008

Your Mom Was a Metrosexual

From Michelle Schwartz's Your Mom Had Groupies project, offering feminist parodies of the CC whisky ads ("Your Dad Wasn't a Metrosexual" etc.) I blogged about here and here a while back. She provides a template for you to make your own and posts contributions of others, such as "Your Mom Built Fighter Jets" and “Your Mom Was Your Dad”.

This one, which simply reverses the wording of a CC ad, was photoshopped by Trancer 21. [click to enlarge]

Photoshop---that's next on my list of Ways to Torment Myself on the Computer, now that I discovered today that, sure enough, I can download my film and edit on Bink's new Mac like a charm. It's sooooo easy, it left me slack jawed remembering how much I fretted over the past few weeks, thinking I was doing something wrong.

Yeah, I was doing something wrong--I was trying to open a can of pineapple with an oar.


Michelle said...

Cool! Thanks for the link to your, and Mark Simpson's post. Although I had hoped the campaign was over, I recently noticed a resurgence of "Damn Right" ads in magazines, so all our complains are sadly still relevant.

And wow, your live action Orestes movie sounds BADASS. That is definitely something that has never been seen before. Ever. :-D

fresca said...

Thanks, Michelle!
I hadn't even seen the "Damn Right" ads...
The CC marketers are actually doing a bang-up job attracting exactly the people they want.
I didn't drink it before, won't drink it now, so they have nothing to lose in alienating the likes of me. But now I sure know it exists! : )