Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spare and Off-Center

Of all the photos I took of my own city this weekend, this is my favorite. [Later: I ended up using this as my Christmas card.]

The Mississippi River
through the decorative iron bridge railing


poodletail said...

Fresca! Do you think filmmaking has improved your photography skills? (I do.)

fresca said...

Well, Poodle--thanks, that sounds like a compliment; but the sad truth is it was getting a *digital* camera this year that improved my photos:
it allows me to take a ton more pictures, for free!, until I catch something I like.
I can't say I've gained any actual photography skills, as in knowing about light and stuff.

bink said...

You always had a great eye...and now having a digital camera insures you get the shot you saw, not the one you thought you saw. Love digital cameras. Great photos!

Lee said...

this is gorgeous. the color is amazing, especially, for whatever reason, with those curves