Sunday, November 30, 2008


Now Fidel has gone back to his one-year teaching gig (third grade) in Illinois, and I am recuperating from an overdose of company (we have entered the sociable sign of Sagittarius--a bit much for me) with a glass of Sangre de Toro this late afternoon, as we slip toward solstice.

Soo Line Building, November 29, 4:40 p.m.


deanna said...

Your pics are refreshingly spare, very nice. You have my permission to relax and be unsociable for a bit, for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but...I miss your corporeal self. I'm feeling the approach/ avoidance thingy about social interactions, too. Don't lots of us fishies go into suspended animation and hover in the ice in northern water ways and bodies about this time of year?! Time for stories and dreaming.

Hey! This photo is so cool... When I first saw it, out of the corner of my eye,I thought: I KNOW that clock,but why is it a double clock and why is there a funereal drape between the two halves? It's one of my favorite tidbits of downtown Mpls. I love the composition: the heavy elements of the manmade time piece from railroad days jutting into that indescribably colored sky that looks like everything and nothing.
Okay, back to my early winter reads: another Fidel's autobiography, "My Life" and Paul Park's "A Princess of Roumania"--both so beautiful.

Love and Solidarity in the need for Solitude!


fresca said...

Thanks, Deanna & Stef!
I spend so much time happily alone, I forget how much energy it takes to be with people...well, some people more than others, of course!

It's cool that people recognize where these two photos --also the river bridge below--were taken, even with just a scrap of info.