Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The PEZidency

"All Presidents start out to run a crusade but after a couple of years they find they are running something less heroic and much more intractable: namely the presidency. The people are well cured by then of election fever, during which they think they are choosing Moses."
--Alistair Cooke

A couple years? I think the fever has come to cool faster since Mr. Cooke wrote that. At any rate, to mix metaphors, it's a sad day when we see our leaders' feet, even if we knew they were clay from the get-go.
It's soooooooo much nicer to discover our heroes' heads pop open to dispense candy!

This set is $23.99 + shipping from PEZ dot com, if you'd like to buy it for yourself... or for me. (I'd let you have the candy.)

New Star Trek merchandise, eh? Marketers must be counting on the Star Trek XI movie drumming up business before it's even released. (Need I say? May 8, 2009.)


deanna said...

What a way with words. Soooooooo much nicer to discover our heroes' heads pop open to dispense candy, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Yo! Candy-Grrrrl! Ha! You are so spot on with everything. Now I know what to give my Jim for his 50th--as this ST PEZ-orama is being released on his very birthday! Thank you! Oh, wait, I just reread your missive and it's the movie--not the Pez stuff-- that's being released on that auspicious date... However, Solstice and your birthday are comin' up b4 then, so keep me posted on your needs and desires for petro-chem idols and the tart little candy bricks. Now that I have a job I can purchase indulgences... I could buy me a stairway to heaven..or you some ST thingies! Okay, my brain is weird today!

Love you!