Wednesday, November 5, 2008

High Hopes

Oops! There goes another rubber tree plant!

Rebecca gathered a few friends to celebrate election reults (or many of them, anyway), this morning over pumpkin pancakes, and I took the opportunity to pass along one of my surplus rubber tree plants.

(I didn't realize until I googled the lyrics just now that "High Hopes" was JFK's campaign song in 1960.
"Just what makes that little old ant
think he'll move a rubber tree plant?")

Sorry to say, though, the legality of Sister's and George Takei's California weddings (respectively, not to each other) is now in doubt. But we've got high hopes, high apple pie in the sky hopes...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yupsters! my mom and my granpa usedta sing me that song. Of course, my mom worked like a fiend on JFK's campaign. Got anymore rubber tree babies for adoption? I might be able to swing by some weekend or on a Tuesday afternoon or evening. Wait, what the hell happened in CA!? last I saw, on election night, seemed as if the referendum or amendment or whatever the piece is, was approved by a narrowish margin...but that was around 10:00 p. m.
Thanks for your optimism and wonderful heart and mind. My hope is that the economically poor people of the world are going to rise up and create the changes that we must to keep us on our Mother and heal Her and ourselves. If Obama is really up to that real good work remains to be seen... not just him, of course, but many other folks we call leaders.

Love and Solidarity and wish I coulda brunched with y'all!