Sunday, October 26, 2008

Preparing Hermes

Here Bink, in partial Fly attire, wraps Erica's hands in tin foil and duct tape.

I'm so used to working alone, it's a huge treat to let other people help. I have no budget or facility for costumes, for instance, so I'm relying on people to create their own. And they do!
Erica even went out and bought slinky silver pants for her character.

Bink is attaching Hermes' ankle wings.

I refer to this project as "my" movie, and it is, insofar as it was my idea and I'm the engine behind it;
but when I get my Oscar, I'm going to be one of those people who thank a HUGE list of people, because I have never created something so dependent on the talents and good will of others.

I'm like, Hey! This "asking for help" thing is a cool deal!
Of course, it's not free:
I feel I'd really better have something to show in exchange for asking Erica to stand in the icy freezing wind holding peacock feathers, dressed in tin foil.

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