Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dog Wings

Joop models the Hermes (Mercury) head wings for Orestes and the Fly.

And at first is impervious to the foot wings...

Until Bink started walking around in them.

I'm a bit worried about today's (Sunday's) shoot. Not only is it 41 degrees outside, it's very windy. Bink said the forecast had even mentioned snow.
I've moved what I can inside, but Hermes (Erica) will have to bike outside in her wings, and I'm just hoping the wind won't blow them off....


Anonymous said...

Last-minute suggestion!? Super-glue, duct-tape and legbands. I'm sure you're prepared, dearie! Have fun and stay warm!

llllovvve and ssssolllidddarrrittttyyy!


fresca said...

You got it, grrrl!!!
It did, as you know, turn out to be almost-snow and VERY windy, so we duct-taped everything to a stationary object, like bare skin, and filmed really, really fast!
B.t.w. Don't think I've forgotten the Narrator...

Anonymous said...

Oh...I'm not worried about's all part of a piece and a process. Glad you all survived the experience. Sounds somewhat erotic and visceral! Speaking of viscera, but not eroticism, woke up from very late afternoon nap tonight to watch the Independent Lens/TPT Channel 17 screening of the semi-animated "Chicago 10" for the third time and switched back and forth between that and this doc. about LBJ that was done in the "90s, I think, that I'd never seen before, that was on Ch. 2. Oy! sins of the fathers, blood on our hands, viscera, and the dull pulse of history repeating itself!! Oh, my! Still, I have hope for and am ready to work for revolution and radical change. Are you thinking at all about a celebratory "after party" or feast when this oeuvre is finally ready to be released? I'd be willing to have you use our house for a "cast, crew and other folks and four-leggeds" gathering, if you're ever into it.
Just call or type me when you need to.

Love and Inspiration!