Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update I need Apple iLife (iMovie) '06

Never mind. Bink said--"go to the Apple store and ask them to download the 06 software for free."

Right, uh-huh, like that would work.

Guess what?
It did.
The nice guy at the Apple store just gave me the old software I need to download my film so now I can start editing!

What I wrote this morning:

Before I launch myself on the hitherto uncharted-by-me seas of e-Bay, I thought I'd ask around:

Does anyone have their old DVD of iLife '06 to lend/sell/give me?
In exchange, to start, I would give you a rubber tree and "associate producer" credit on my film. *

See, turns out the software on my "old" (2004) iBook computer won't recognize my camera. But the computer is too old to load the new software iLife '08. So I need iLife '06. (I checked with the computer geniuses yesterday.)
Apple only sells the latest software, and used copies on Amazon start at $99 + $10 shipping, which is truly piracy, as the new iLife '08 is only $69.

* This is a joke from David Mamet's State and Main, in which someone informs the innocent scriptwriter that "associate producer" credit is handed out like candy.


Sal said...

Hurrah! Ask and ye shall receive, eh?

fresca said...

Sometimes, anyway! I was amazed.

bink said...

Don't forget to add the messenger's silver pants to your production expenses.

fresca said...

And bus fare to the Apple store! Even if it did save me $79.