Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Strange Kindnesses

I am in love.
Twisted Rib knitted me a Firefly Jayne hat, and it arrived today.
However I am annoyed at the weather: it is a very humid 76 degrees F (24 C)--hence my sleeveless shirt--and the beautiful hat is a bit warm.

As if the hat weren't enough wonderfulness, today MM agreed--happily--to let me shoot the Death of Agamemnon scene in her claw-footed bathtub!
And when I told ATK, who will play Agamemnon, that I envisioned it as the Death of Marat, he immediately assumed the correct pose of Marat slumped over the tub.

Sigh of gratitude.
Kindness abounds. Except in the House of Atreus...

I don't want it out of my sight, so my computer gets to wear the Jayne hat.

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Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous. And will be life savingly cheerful when we're slogging through the last weeks of winter.