Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Fly Head, Finished

1. The papier-mache fly head, with holes cut out for the wire strainers (bought at an Asian market).

2. Me taking a break while the spray paint dries. (This is L & M's backyard.)

3. Bink and Joop model the finished Fly head!


momo said...

Whoa! When you get busy, you go to town! Is anyone in the film going to say in a squeaky voice, "Help me, Cecile!"?

bink said...

I think this documents how easy-going Joop really is. Big fly in the backyard? Put the fly head on the dog?
Whatever... this proves what I'm always saying... he's energetic but not high strung. (Terriers rule!)

Manfred Allseasons said...

This is really going to happen, isnt it?

I have bought microwave popcorn, first time ever....

evve said...

That's sixteen levels of awesome. In particular putting the head on the dog and the latter not shredding the former back to pulp. It's a sign, it's a sign!

fresca said...

Momo: True, the switch has been flipped On.
Help me! I don't recognize the reference!

Bink: Your dog is a charm--practically an honorary fly.

Manfred: I certainly hope so!
Surely B-movie popcorn should be popped in a beat-up old pan, with lots of melted butter?

fresca said...

P.S. As I was leaving that comment, evve's came in, and I want say I agree--the dog's cooperation has to be a sign that the gods are smiling on us and no actual human sacrifices will be required to get this boat to float.