Saturday, August 9, 2008

Star Trek Con: More Toys

These are some books I bought, plus a few other things, on the desk in my Hilton hotel room. I haven't bought as much as I'd thought I would because I'm finding that mostly it's satisfying just to drink in the sight of the stuff.

I did have to buy a bottle of "Romulan Ale," though, because this blog's profile provided me with this question:
"The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?"
And I wrote, "With Romulan ale."
It cost $4.95 + tax, and the woman told me it's like beer. Except it's blue, like on the show.
(I bought the flowers at the grocery store I walked to.)

Below is a wonderful couple I met, Carolyn and Joel, from Boston, with toys they won! That's a tribble wearing a sombrero (it's a long story) on top of a boxed model of the Enterprise.

I met them on the first day, when I was sitting taking notes on passersby and Joel noticed me writing down his T-shirt's message:
and he came up to chat. Only when they got closer did I see that Carolyn was wearing a Prisoner T-shirt. You know that Orwellian 1967 British TV show with Patrick McGoohan?


Jennifer said...

Is that Star Trek: The New Voyages I see? It is, it is! *happy bouncing*

ddip said...

Yes, but where are the magnets???

fresca said...

Jen! I was hoping you'd catch that! It sure is The New Voyages, and it's thanks to you I spotted it, though I think I might have anyway because in the vendors room (huge) I keep exclaiming, "I had that when I was a kid!"
And the first thing I did was read "Mind-Sifter" and just had to laugh--could you get any more class fanfic than that?

D: This is the weird thing: there are no magnets. I'm not kidding. And damn few stickers or buttons either. What there are are trading cards (like baseball cards), ceramic plates, printed matter (books, comic books, magazines), photos, (some autographed), posters, T-shirts.

And...these are cool...real props from the shows and movies.
I contemplated for a second if I could spend $1,000 for that grey wedgy prop with a light inside Leonard Nimoy looked into, as Spock at his science station on the deck. Of course I can't--and it's not even the original from that TOS show, anyway, so I don't even want it that much. (Uh huh, right.)

bink said...

Is that an original series tribble that Joel won, or a later generation? I don' t know how long tribbles live, but I do remember that they breed like rabbits.

Star Trek and The Prisoner--great combination. Just add in Dr. Who and you've got it all.

fresca said...

Oh, Dr. Who is very much in the air here!
Several actors have mentioned him, and Patrick Stewart is on stage in Stratford, England, right now, with the current Dr. Who as Hamlet! Stewart plays Gertrude. (Kidding. But wouldn't he be perfect?)

Marina Sirtis (Troi), who is English, said she has written to the producer saying she wants to be on Dr. Who, and commented,
"Dr. Who is the in show to be on now."

So, there really is a lot of crossover in the sci-fi world.
Most evident, though is Star Wars. The guy who played Chewbacca has a table in the vernodrs room, for instance, and you see SW T-shirts, etc.

Actually, Joel won the starship answering a question about ST merchandise (people actually know stuff like who produced the original toys), and Carolyn caught the tribble, when one of the coordinators came through the auditorium tossing them out of a box. I thought he was going to be trampled in the rush for tribbles!
I don't know which generation of tribble it is, I will ask her.

You can buy tribbles here for about $15, but given they are a bit of fun-fur wrapped around polythene pillow stuffing, I am giving that a miss.

bink said...

I thought the tribbles would just multiply for free...there's a disappointment for you. Joop would munch any tribble that came in this house, so it's just as well you didn't buy one and bring it visit.

iloveyoumauralynch said...

I want a "Think..." t-shirt!

Deanna said...

Your books make me remember a nonfiction book I read as a teenager, about the making of Star Trek (that may have been the title). I think I learned a lot (don't know if it was authorized, but its cover was similar to some of the novels), and I enjoyed getting the background of Gene Roddenberry and others.

I sure hope Marina Sirtis shows up on Dr. Who!