Saturday, August 9, 2008

Star Trek Las Vegas: Never Too Late for a Happy Childhood

On the first day of the con, I bought a bunch of Star Trek paperbacks in the vendors' room for 25 cents each--way underpriced. Most of the other booths price this stuff at antique-dealer levels. I got them from a Grateful Dead-type mom-and-pop, complete with golden-haired grown daughter in a tie-dye T-shirt.

We chatted a bit, and the told me they've been hawking sci-fi oddments since 1983. The man said that the people at Star Trek cons were "the best people in the world."
I said I could tell that already; that I'd noticed especially that people really speak from their hearts.

When I went back today, I asked how much the above Glow in the Dark Kirk and Spock was.
The father said, "You can't buy it," and I thought he meant it had been promised to someone else.
But no.
"For you, it's a gift," he said. "You bought a bunch of things from us, so this is free."

And guess what?
When I turned out the light tonight, I discovered that this firefly radiates happiness that is magically retroactive.

Its glow is entering my childhood and subverting my unhappy memories.


Jennifer said...

Oh good grief, you're going to slay me with the wonderful. That's beautiful. I don't know if I mean to story or the glowy Kirk & Spock; most likely both.

Manfred Allseasons said...

So enjoying these posts...!

Does anyone turn up as the hippy Spock?

Love that episode.....

ddip said...

Sending happy glow your way! I'm so glad this has been such a satisfying trip. Just wish I could be wired one more day for the final set(s) of postings, but I'll read and hear about them when we get back. xoxo

fresca said...

J: What a way to go, to die of the wonderful! Better, tomy way of thinking, than the Klingon good wish, as they say here, "May you die gloriously in battle."
Glad I could help...

M: Now I come to think of it, I have seen lots of Kirks but no one dressed as Spock at all! Several Vulcans, but none in the blue Science Officer garb.
However, I did stand at the table where one of the guest actors who played a hippy on that episode, um..."Search for Eden"? Return to Eden"?... was set up ,with photos and all.
And he told a little story about running into Bill Shatner on another show and saying, "Hi, Bill, we worked together on that hippy show," and Bill took his arm and said, "Bob [or whatever his name is]. I only remember the women."
Everyone standing at the table howled.

D: When you come back online after going into the wilds, an onslught on Las Vegas posts will hit you, probably followed by total silence, due to the shock of withdrawal.

Anonymous said...

I love you and the economics of the folks with heart that you've encountered...and, of course, as a child was enthralled by anything that phosphoresced, or glimmered or sparkled or lit a path of some kind in the dark. May you keep finding such wonderments and balms for your soul--(and our souls, too!)--as you sally forth--or should I say, "fresca forth?--on your journeys! Guess I'd better start learning that Eric Bogle tune for ya! Thank you boundlessly for sharing so brilliantly!

Hey! guess what? the mystery word verification to send this is "xkurqk"!! Sounds like ex-Kirk, to me.



fresca said...

Stef! I'm sitting here having my coffee, once again at the Hilton's lobby coffee bar, and your comment just came in. It is so great to hear from people, while I'm here on my own and sometimes don't want to do the work of talking to strangers, even lovely friendly ones.
I have occasionally noticed a fitting or funny word verification, but the one you got is the best yet. : )
Can't wait to hear you sing the song, "Beam Me Up Scotty"!

bink said...

The glowing team is marvelous! Who needs a Virgin Mary nightlight when you have Kirk and Spock to protect your dreams.

And so great that it comes to you as a gift! That adds extra strength to it's aura!

fresca said...

Good point, Bink!
Star Trek fans are indeed as crazy for tschaske as Catholics. And the holy knick-knacks do assume numinous significance, as well as luminous.

Yep. as...was it Saint Paul? said, when prophets start to charge, you know they are false prophets. The Spirit comes through gifts.

fresca said...

It was "Way to Eden".