Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Computer Crush

Mortmere, my favorite ST vidder on youTube, created this little story about Mr. Spock's love affair with the ship's computer.

My third morning having coffee and blogging at the Fortuna coffee bar, a woman I've chatted with every day passed and said, "Are you always on that thing?"
"I love it!" I said, and thought of Spock.

I bought this laptop four years ago, and someone told me, "You are going to fall in love with it."
I didn't, not till this summer, making my own video remixes.

This trip especially marks a turning point in our relationship. It is commonly agreed that travelling alone can be pretty lonely. But not this trip.
Partly because I've been talking to people at the con a lot, but more because I've been talking to you guys on my blog, and that fulfills the traveler's need to say "Look at that!"

Like, look at this cool shirt from Quark's Bar.
The young man who is wearing it is very handsome.

You can't tell he's very handsome, below,
and I want to apologize to him, if he ever sees this, for even posting this photo.
We had just seen George Takei, and I said, "Do your Sulu impression," and caught him in this goofy pose.

I am posting it, however, because of the traveler's impulse to say, "Did you see that?"
What I want you to see is the guy in the background,
the one in the mashup Andorian/Starfleet get-up, pushing the baby stroller. Can you see his anteanae?

[Note: Sept. 20, 2008/ The human under that blue paint, Eric, left a comment identifying himself--he also appears in my photos as Data, carrying Lore's head! So cool to hear from someone I'd noticed and admired but never met.]


bink said...

LOVE the shirt. Very fun.

Seeing all the costumes must be great. I never dress up in costume. But I love the idea, and miss feeling young enough to do it on Halloween. I should have been born in the era (and class) of grand costume balls. But I guess cons are the grand balls of our time.

fresca said...

The costumes really are professional. In fact, the guy who looks so much like Picard is a "famous" fan--he's a British solicitor, I learned, who bought some of the original costumes from...was it Sotheby's? Anyway, he is not the only one who has poured money, love, and time into looking like the real thing.

I didn't get to the costume contest last night, but all day yesterday was like a costume parade and show. So, yeah, it is a bit like a grand ball! I don't know if I caught any in the photos, but there are even chandeliers.

You know what, Bink? I think you'd really love this--it would connect with your theater background and your love of play.
We should go to one together one year!

bink said...

I want to be a Gorn... or maybe something else, less hot and stuffy. But I totally could see dressing up, if I invested the money into doing it right.

I wouldn't mind just a little starfleet shirt either. I'd probably look best in science officer blue...but I couldn't fake it as a science officer very well..."let's see, there's the's that big fiery thing in the sky... and now we're driving by the moon...remember the man on the moon, well, he doesn't live there without life support...and Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto... I could tell you more about the deities they were named for than the planets themselves."

And I don't want to be a red shirt (though I love red shirts)--cuz you know what happens to them.

Is there a special color shirt for artists?

eric3060 said...

The Andorian pushing the stroller is me :-)

fresca said...

That is soooo terrific Eric!
Thanks for contacting me. I'm going to write you a note on your blog, asking for more details--or please write more here!
I didn't realize, of course, that you were also Data--you are awesome!