Thursday, August 7, 2008

All Together Now

Kirk, Sisco, Uhura, Data, Picard.

My camera was set wrong for the low light, unintentionally showing that This Hotel Is Not in Real Time.
Like The Shining, in reverse. It's weird how quickly you can get used to people walking around in outfits, smiling with shared glee at you. It's like an extension of childhood's Halloween delirium.

If I had more energy and capacity, I would not stop. But my battery is low, and my brain is almost full, so I have retreated to my hotel to download and recharge.

More and more, I see that energy is a key component of genius. I don't know why I've been thinking about that so much this year. I suppose because my energy is up, after several very low-energy years, but not to Pulitzer Prize-winning levels.

But also--weirdly--it's like while I was so low, my powers of understanding continued to grow, like hair grows. I fell into a coma thinking as a child and I've woken up an adult in comprehension.
For instance, I'm hardly afraid of people anymore. I think because I know how much pain everyone carries? They might very well hurt you, yes, but unless they are truly crazy, they don't want to.
Didn't I know that before? It seems maybe not.

[Note: September 20, 2008.
A fellow named Eric just wrote a note on this blog idnetifying himself as Data, with Lore's head under his arm. He also appears in the background of another photo as the Andorian with the baby buggy. There were so many lovely people at the con!]


ddip said...

Yes, yes, yes. It's just like the way farmers leave a field fallow to rest and ripen. Then the next year, they plant the seedlings, which sprout happily in the energy-rich soil. We're just like that soil.

fresca said...

I think that's it.
I've been thinking a lot about this, because I am not one of those non-stop people. If I wanted to, there are late night parties to attend, more people to "interview," games and rides, etc. etc. etc.
But I need to digest what I take in, so I don't do it all. I think whatever "genius" I have (and we all have some) emerges from that downtime...

eric3060 said...

...And that's me as Data. With Lore's head under my left arm.

fresca said...

Eric!!! Thanks sooo much for contacting me!
I would love to see and know more about your costumes and how you got into it, if you have time to write more.
I also will write a note on your blog---looks like you're super busy, but thanks for leaving the note.
ANd thanks for your Star Trek creativity!