Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am happy. I got my "economic stimulus" tax rebate check yesterday, and today I donated the $200 cost of a laptop to the one laptop per child organization, which sends sturdy little laptops (right) to places all over the world where kids don't have easy access to computers. 
(I mentioned it earlier too.)

Knowledge is power, and the biggest economic stimulus I can think of is for all of us to share in that.

P.S. OLPC just e-mailed me a thank-you, saying, we confirm that no tangible benefits were received by you, the donor. I know this is legal language re: taxes, but it made me laugh--I think I will include it in future thank-you notes. 
(Like, if anyone ever sends me a gift certificate for Smitten Kitten [see below].)

P.P.S. I'm happy also because now I can replace my own laptop's battery! I didn't know they ever died and used it profligately for almost 4 years.

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