Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Long and Winding Road

Bink shot this view (right) from the Basilica's roof, after she and Richard finished spray-painting her labyrinth design on the lawn yesterday.

Bink says there's an angel's shadow in this photo: "like a huge figure's shadow, bent over--hands on knees--to get a look at what these puny humans are doing now. And it's got a halo--white glow around the head, maybe some wing glow too along and above the back."

I fail to see this, imagining instead landing grids for alien spacecraft.

Bink designed 23 labyrinths before the Basilica Peace Committee chose this one (in Bink's hand, left) to complement their peace pole, representing a spiritual path to peace.

The shortest route between two points may be a straight line, but that's rarely the one committees take.

[Example from Catholic history: The cardinals who convened in 1268 to choose a new pope took 2 years, 9 months, and 2 days to make their decision.]

If people are familiar with labyrinths, they tend to know the famous medieval one at Chartres Cathedral, France (plan at right).

notes "labyrinths in the French cathedrals were the scene of Easter dances carried out by the clergy."

I would like to see a modern version of this, but the Vatican outlaws sacred dance in today's church (no kidding).

Bink met with Richard, the builder/contractor, to lay out the preliminary path with a pro measuring tape...

...and orange spray paint. I came along to take notes (and photos) for a possible article.
The paint is waterproof, which is good because storms keep threatening.

The contractor chided Bink, "Sweetheart, your lines aren't straight."

I tried out the labyrinth on my bike. My inner peace wobbled on the tight turns, but it was fun.
Tomorrow a crew will mow the labyrinth into the lawn.
If you're in town, come and walk it!
If enough people use it, the committee may vote to set it in stone.

Or world peace may break out, whichever comes first.


bink said...

Ok, here's the real scoop. I did way more than 23 designs before we settled on this labyrinth if anyone needs a labyrinth design...I've got it!

Also, my lines weren't straight because I never tried to spray paint grass, eye balling from point to point, while hunched over using a spray can that shot the paint out of the top in a way I'd never seen before from I nozzle I couldn't find while the paint was gooping up because I must not have shook the can enough. It had nothing to do with the tape measure. :)

fresca said...

I guess I chose "23" to represent "a whole lot," and more than one would need if not working with a committee... : )

Sorry--I didn't mean to insult your drawing abilities or anything. (Heck no!)
Richard said you weren't used to drawing on that scale, and I must say, I was impressed with his experienced hand.

bink said...

I'm surprised you couldn't see my "angel". I guess it just jumped out at me because it was so unexpected. The "head" is just about dead center of the photo, a large round darkness on the lawn (surrounded with a whitish glow). The body--thin, bent over, with hand on knees angles down and to the left. Am I the only one (special? delusional?) who can see this? For me it's a kooky and unexpected addition to the photos (it's in all of them), since I didn't see it in reality. I'll be curious to see if I can see it (or if it's in the photos) today, after we mow.

rr said...

This made me laugh on a day when I really needed to laugh. Thank you :-)

fresca said...

You're welcome, Rachel!
I intuit that you have worked with committees before, yourself... : )

ddip said...

Ah, I'm so proud of myself! I saw the angel shadow right away, which is funny, since I often miss the not-so-obvious things in life. Must be the Sun in Gemini groove I'm in. Yeah!

I'll make sure to bike past one day this week to see the finished labyrinth.